The cities of Miami, Globe and San Carlos sit 80 miles east of Phoenix, Arizona.  The total population of the region is approximately 14,000.  South Gila County displays geographical majesty with a spectacular trip from the Phoenix metropolitan area.  The area is surrounded by the Superstition, Pinal and Apache Mountains.  At 3500 feet, the weather remains about 10 degrees cooler than the lower valley year round and affords many recreational opportunities.  In addition to the beautiful mountain scenery, there are numerous lakes and rivers in the area including Roosevelt Lake created by the impressive Roosevelt Dam.


Southern Gila County has a wealth of cultural history.  The ancient Besh-Ba-Gowah Indian ruins, built by the Salado Indians, are located in Globe and Tonto National Monument is situated close to Roosevelt.  There are numerous cultural celebrations held throughout the year to honor Gila County’s ancestors, such as the Apache-Jii days held annually mid-October.  The region is historically celebrated as the area that the famous Spanish Conquistador Coronado  traveled through in 1540 and the Spanish Padre Kino visited in 1697.  The fierce Apache warriors Cochise, Victorio and Geronimo are legendary as the passionate leaders who fought to keep the area independent.


The plans for founding Globe were established in July 1876 with retail stores, banks, and Globe's first newspaper printing its first issue on May 2, 1878. By February 1881, Globe was the Gila County seat and by 1907, the city was incorporated, with Miami following suit in 1918.  Southern Gila County is famous for its natural resources.  For the last century, the main form of commerce in the region has been a strong, primarily copper and silver, mining industry.  The name of the city of Globe supposedly originated when a local miner un-earthed a copper nugget in the shape of a large “globe”. 


The Globe High School building is one of the oldest in the city of Globe having been constructed in 1891.  There have been additions to the school since this date with the final Music, Science and Shop Wing completed in 1964.  The first high school graduating class commenced in 1910. Amid much fanfare, September of 2014 marked the 100th Homecoming celebrating Globe High School as the oldest continuously operating high school in Arizona.  In addition, the famous Copper Kettle rival match between the Globe Tigers and the Miami Vandals football teams was played for a record 100th time with GHS remaining victorious one more year!


The physical beauty, recreation and diverse culture make Southern Gila County a wonderful place to experience and enjoy!  For more information, please visit both the Globe/Miami Chamber of Commerce and City of Globe websites.  The Globe/Miami Times newspaper is another great resource to keep up on local news and events.

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