The Globe Unified School District provides employees hired under contract or work agreement and who works a minimum of 30 hours per week with medical insurance, life insurance, optional sick bank (Administrative staff excluded) and Arizona State Retirement.  New certified employees are eligible for all health insurance plans on the first day of the month following their official start date with Board approval, while new classified employees are eligible on the end date of their successfully completed 80 day probationary period.  For example, a certified employee hired on July 28th would become eligible for benefits on August 1st, while a classified employee hired July 30th would become eligible on October 17th.  An employee who adds dependent coverage and/or upgraded personal coverage to their insurance plan is subject to this cost being deducted through payroll deductions. An employee who has adequate health insurance coverage from another carrier may elect to decline the District´s plan.

Globe 2014 Benefits Snapshot

* Please select bullet links for further material regarding specific available plan options and information.

  • Health Insurance – The District pays 100% of the PPO-low health insurance cost for each eligible employee (Benefits Cost Rate Sheet ). The District´s health plan is with the School Medical Insurance Trust.  This document contains important employee benefit program notices of interest to you and your family, including the 'HIPAA Notice of Privacy Practices'. Please share this information with your family members. Some of the notices in this document are required by law and other notices contain helpful information..  Employees can chose between a PPO-low, PPO-high and a High Deductible plan. The Blue Cross/Blue Shield network makes up the in-plan provider list, though out-of-network providers may be used for an additional out-of-pocket expense to the employee. 

  • Life Insurance – Minnesota Life is our life insurance carrier. The district provides $50,000 life insurance for each eligible employee with a matching $50,000 of AD&D.  Additional optional life insurance and AD&D are available through payroll deduction at group rates.

  • Sick Leave Bank – All certified and classified employees are eligible to participate in the sick leave bank. Administrators are excluded.  Link directs to GUSD policy regarding Sick Leave Bank policy, within the Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA).  For more information, please contact the GUSD HR office at 928-402-6050.

  • AFLAC– Various supplemental insurance plans are available through payroll deduction.

  • Arizona State Retirement System (ASRS) –The Arizona State Retirement System has provides retirement, survivor, long term disability, and retiree health insurance benefits for Arizona´s public servants in the fields of government and education. This is a mandatory payroll deduction at a current rate of 11.60% each pay period with the District matching that Employees who retire through the ASRS are guaranteed a monthly benefit for life.

  • 403(b) and 457 Plans – Provided through TSA Consulting Group and available through payroll deduction.