Volunteer Instructions: 

Globe Unified School District 928-402-6000

Visit: www.globeschools.org


Select Apply Online Button


Create a new account or ‘login’


·         On the employment application home page choose the ‘Volunteer’ option in the left hand column.

·         Select the site where you would like to volunteer and begin application.  Do not select any other position when ‘job postings’ are listed besides the ‘Volunteer’ position you selected.

·         Driver’s Licenses and SS Cards may be copied and uploaded in the District Office

·         A.R.S. (Background Check) forms are required bi-annually.  Hard copies may be completed and notarized in district office

·         If required, fingerprints are offered free of charge in district office

·         ‘Yes / No’ questions need to have n/a in dialog box regardless of ‘no’ answer

·         Please be sure to complete ‘esign’ by clicking on option to the right of signature space after typing name Save application asdraft’ if items need to be uploaded in district office

·         A list of approved volunteers will be emailed the day after each bi-weekly School Board meeting.  You will be contacted only in the event of an issue with your application. ALL APPLICANTS ARE APPROVED UNLESS THERE IS A RECENT FLAG RAISED FROM YOUR SUBMITTED BACKGROUND CHECK


**The following is not an option and is governed by State Statute and Board Policy:**


School Volunteers,  all  volunteers  that  are  presented  to  the  Governing  Board  must  undergo  a background investigation.  If you wish to volunteer on a frequent basis in different venues, we suggest obtaining an IVP Fingerprint Card (higher level of background clearance) from the Gila County Schools office in the County Courthouse building.  The cost is $67, and must be presented to the GC Schools office in the form of a money order.  The card is valid for 6 years.


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