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May 4, 2017

Dear Friends of Globe Unified School District,

We are in the last month of school!  Before we know it the students will be out for a summer break and then school will start again at the end of July.  I wanted to take a minute to update you on the direction that the school district is headed.  In l March and April of this year the GUSD Board of Education met to review and clarify its vision, mission, and goals. 

The Board unanimously reaffirmed its current vision and mission and clarified and expanded their goals.  The district is firmly committed to trying to live up to its vision of “Capturing Heart, Empowering Minds”.  There is still much work to be done to truly be practicing our vision district-wide.  The board, however, is still solid in its belief that focusing on building relationships at all levels (“Capturing Hearts”) and in growing the intellectual capacity of our young people (“Empowering Minds”).  The mission statement and clarified goals all support the same concepts. 

The updated vision, mission, and goals document that the board approved at its April 19, 2017 meeting is attached below.   I invite you to take a look at the goals that the board has set out for the district.  I think each of you would agree that the goals establish a positive direction for GUSD to strive for.  Many kudos to our volunteer board members.  They have set a tone of achievement for our district’s students and staff to follow. 

As the year wraps up I wish each of you a good summer break and I trust that all will come back next year ready to grow as we all attempt to “capture hearts, and empower minds”.

Best wishes moving forward,


Jerry Jennex, Superintendent



Globe Unified School District #1

“Capturing Hearts, Empowering Minds” 

1.  Globe Unified School District will exercise Fiscal Responsibility by: 

Preparing and implementing budgets that allow the district to avoid borrowing for operational expenses.  (Solvency) 
Planning and implementing a program of preventative maintenance that preserves district assets.  (Maintaining Resources) 
Using available methods to operate at maximum efficiency to best serve students, staff and community.  (Conservative) 
Weighing current needs against potential future needs to serve current students without sacrificing the ability to meet the needs of future students and considering    the educational needs of students in the context of the community’s ability to meet those needs without an excessive tax burden. (Balance)

2.  Globe Unified School District is committed to promote Excelling Schools by: 

Recruiting and hiring the best staff possible, implementing programs to retain quality staff, and exploring and implementing programs to grow our own staff               whenever possible.  (Retaining Staff)
Providing high quality interpersonal interactions with students, staff, parents, and the greater community.  (Customer Service)
Promoting student and staff involvement in the community through participation in community events, support of community programs and projects, and school       visibility in community events and publications. (Community Involvement) 
Developing programs in academics, career preparation, arts, athletics, technology, and any other area of study that will provide opportunities for all students to        participate in activities that will develop their intellectual, social, and physical capabilities.  (Success for all Students)
Construct and manage student curriculum in a cohesive, comprehensive program that includes all grade levels across the district.  (District-Wide Curriculum) 





Jerry Jennex became Superintendent of Schools for Globe Unified School District in July of 2012.  Mr. Jennex came to Globe after serving as a superintendent for eighteen years in one Montana school district and two Michigan school districts.  He began his career in education as a high school social studies teacher and coach.  He also taught several years as a middle school teacher before becoming a principal.  He has served as a principal at the K-8 and high school levels.  Mr. Jennex holds undergraduate degrees from Grand Rapids Baptist College and Calvin College and graduate degrees from California State University Long Beach and Montana State University Northern.  Jerry is married to his college sweetheart Debby and they have three grown children and eight grandchildren.  They are happy to be living in Globe and look forward to many years serving the district’s students and the community.